Location JKS "UR" Shooting Range
Address ul. Droga Grzegorzowska, Jawor
51°03'19"N 16°13'28"E
Date 19.07.2019 r.: Pre-match
20-21.07.2019 r.: Match
Club Wroclaw Shooting Association
Range Master Janusz Kuliś
Minimum rounds 240
Number of stages 14
Registration Registration stats:: 1.06.2019
Max number of competitors 154 (28 Pre-match + 126 Match)
Entry fee 430 zł - for Polish competitors
100€ - for foreign competitors
Entry fee must me paid within 10 days of registration
Receiver: IJK Wroclaw
Account number: PL 72 1020 5226 0000 6802 0641 8141
Lack of payment will cancel the registration
The fee for the competition is not refundable,
but can be transferred to another player.
Contact rifle2019@strzelnica.org
Restrictions: Polish competitors muse have a PZSS license.
All competitors must be members of IPSC.
Rules, penalties, safety As per current IPSC Rifle rules.
Arbitration fee 100€
Divisions Semi Auto Open
Semi Auto Standard
Minimum 10 competitors for division to open.
Categories Lady
Super Senior
Minimum 5 competitors for category to open.